Resource Capital Research, exploration and mining equity research for Australia, Canada, and the USA.
The RCR Paladin Resource Ltd. report
The RCR sector report format

The RCR Paladin Resource Ltd. report
The RCR report format

About RCR

Resource Capital Research provides equity research and capital raising services for junior and developing resource companies – typically those with a market value of less than $100m, though up to several billion dollars.

We provide company research reports for investors, market participants and company strategists. RCR also offers mining companies additional financial services.

The three main report formats are Sector Reviews, Company Updates and Company Reports:

  • Sector Reviews comprise a two page company update on each of a number of companies (up to 20 companies) active in a specific sector anywhere in the world. The report includes peer benchmarks, valuations and sector statistics. RCR has published sector reviews for uranium, iron ore, gold, rare and minor metals, and tin since 2005.
  • Company Updates are standalone company reports 4 to 6 pages in length for companies at all stages – from grassroots explorers to producers. They contain key company information and analyst assessment and investment comment. Detailed valuations include DCF analysis where scoping studies or financial operating parameters for a project are available.
  • Company Reports are standalone extended reviews of an individual company active within the uranium, tin, iron ore and gold sectors, with an in depth review of projects and valuation. Where feasible, report preparation includes analyst site visits. A Company Report typically runs 8 to 16 pages.

All RCR reports receive open and extensive global distribution including to retail and institutional investors, HNW, brokers and advisers primarily in Australia, North America, Asia and Europe. Please contact RCR for details.

RCR analysts have significant industry experience in the resource sector and generally are members of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM).

If you would like to know more about RCR please contact us.