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The RCR Paladin Resource Ltd. report
The RCR sector report format

The RCR Paladin Resource Ltd. report
The RCR report format

About RCR's Sector Reports

Prepared by well qualified and experienced resource equity analysts the reports focus on the respective global sector markets providing a critical review of a wide range of sector companies, from grass roots to established producers, based predominantly in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Analysis includes a review of activities, assessment of projects, comparisons between companies as well as regions where companies are active. Investment review may incorporate NPV valuations, comparative company capitalizations and resource capitalizations, recent transaction valuations, and geological/deposit status. Analysis and valuations incorporate global and local political issues, economic and environmental issues, and lead indicators including exploration activity and sector commodity price outlook.

RCR makes available three variations of the quarterly sector reviews. Subscriptions are by the quarter or annual, and the indicated price gives subscribers access to all RCR reports published for the selected quarter or year. Categories are as follows:

  1. Abridged Report: (Free of charge) A critical overview of the sector in each report from a global perspective, providing useful investment analysis and valuations. These reports review activities and assess projects for a range of exploration and development companies predominantly listed in Australia, Canada and the USA.

  2. Subscriber Report: (A$110/report) This option gives subscribers the full version of any of RCR's quarterly sector reports (as shown in the list above). In addition to information in the Abridged Reports, the Subscriber Reports provide key comparative information in relation to company specific reserves, resources and mineralisation and comparative resource enterprise valuations. The reports also provide detailed analyst insights into supply and demand drivers for the price of the sector commodity, with a critique of upside and downside pricing risks. The Subscriber Reports offer the full list of RCR companies covered and, for select sector reports, company share price performance tables.

    Investors may purchase any individual RCR Subscriber Report for A$110 (includes GST where payable) which is for one report; or $440 (includes GST where payable) for all of RCR's Subscriber quarterly reports released in the following 12 months from the time of purchase.

  3. Comprehensive Package: (A$2,200/quarter) For institutional investors - provides all the information in the Subscriber Reports. In addition, purchasers of the Comprehensive Package are offered phone access to RCR analysts as required for additional insights, sensitivity analysis and discussion of opinion. Open access to RCR's report archive is included with Comprehensive Annual Package purchase.

RCR Report Purchase Options Abridged Report Subscriber Report Comprehensive Package
RCR Report Price
(price includes GST for Australian residents)
No charge A$110/Report
InformationOverview and Investment Comment
In report In report In report
InformationRCR Featured Company Summary
In report In report In report
InformationIndustry Background and Analysis
- In report In report
InformationComparative Charts
In report In report In report
InformationFinancial Data
In report In report In report
InformationCompany Statistics
In report In report In report
InformationReserves, Resources and Historic Mineralisation
In report In report In report
InformationValuation and Performance Data
In report In report In report
InformationPrice Fundamentals
- In report In report
InformationCompany Share Price Performance Tables
(for select reports)
- In report In report
InformationArchive access with Comprehensive
Annual Subscription purchase
- - In report
Telephone access to RCR analyst - - In report
Tailored scenario analysis - - In report
Arranged company introductions - - In report
Informaiton Company specific coverage*

  * The above reports each provide access to a different list of companies. For a list of companies covered, please refer to specific sector review for details.

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