Resource Capital Research, exploration and mining equity research for Australia, Canada, and the USA.
The RCR Paladin Resource Ltd. report
The RCR sector report format

The RCR Paladin Resource Ltd. report
The RCR report format

Company Equity Research

RCR equity research reports focus exclusively on the metals and mining sector and cover exploration, development and production stage companies.

Our analysts are well qualified and highly experienced industry professionals and our company research reports help to ensure that the market is fully informed about your corporate goals and strategies, shareholder value generation, growth potential, upcoming key milestones and future newsflow. RCR equity research is influential and highly regarded. Where sufficient data is available we include corporate valuations and seek to identify valuation gaps in undervalued stocks.

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Research reports are widely distributed to maximise market visibility and potential benefits to your shareholders. We have extensive global distribution to resource company investors globally, with an emphasis on Australia, North America and Europe.

RCR analysts commenting on sectors and companies covered are frequently and widely quoted in the media.

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