Resource Capital Research, exploration and mining equity research for Australia, Canada, and the USA.
The RCR Paladin Resource Ltd. report
The RCR sector report format

The RCR Paladin Resource Ltd. report
The RCR report format

Our Philosophy

RCR seeks to identify undervalued junior resource companies. While discovering potential opportunities for investors we are also focused on managing risk.

Managing Risk

The junior end of the resource market has the potential for high returns but high returns can entail greater risks. To help mitigate the idiosyncratic risk associated with smaller companies, we encourage investors to diversify risk by holding a selection of companies with projects across different geographic regions, commodity groups and stage of project development.

Analyst Integrity

Integrity is a core element of RCR's corporate culture. Analysts do not trade in the securities of a company for a period of 14 days prior or for a period of 7 days after the research report is issued. Any securities held by the analyst or RCR directors in the company researched are disclosed in the report. In managing conflicts of interest, RCR conforms to the industry code of best practice.